Bertie Scott – The Way You Loved Me


We’re going to talk about a sensitive subject. In fact, this is quite possibly the most sensitive topic to touch on for a human being. So, take this as a forewarning.

Love is a delicate issue for most everyone. It has the capacity to make you feel as if you’re flying and in the same instance, it can clip the cords to your parachute. Think about all the people and things you love and how great they make you feel. Now, think about how losing those things can destroy you.


Imagine you’re releasing your first-ever song as a solo artist and the song is about love (or lack thereof). This sounds like a recipe for vulnerability at its finest.

It comes in the form of Bertie Scott’s single The Way You Loved Me. In an interview with VENTS Magazine, Scott explains that he’s worked with bands for years as a rock musician. Armed with inspiration from Adele, The Script, and ‘80s/’90s ballads, the U.K. native struck out on his own as a singer/songwriter.


His first composition is stripped down to the most basic elements. Featuring piano, vocals, and synths that quite literally chime in and out. The bass line begins during the first chorus and drums kick in at the second verse. Scott demonstrates some piercing falsetto skills on the line, “We stood so tall but it’s died out, we died so young.”

An official video is available on YouTube, as well as lyric video. The official video contains nothing more than scenes of Scott brooding over his love interest and taking strolls through the countryside.

So, take a look and listen to an artist lay all of his heartache on the table from the start with this revealing tune.

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