Between Your Teeth


Between Your Teeth is a band that is “inspired by many different styles of punk rock, old and new, [there] is also a large influence of late 70’s rock and roll and twangy ass country music,” according to their “About” section on Facebook, which is usually and unfortunately unreliable. So, here’s the big but – this is completely and excitingly accurate.

Out of Oakland, Calif., Between Your Teeth is definitely a punk rock band, but in songs like “The Walking Dead 27,” you can hear that “twangy ass country music” influence – the beat that carries on like a walking horse.  There are a couple of tempo changes, which as we noticed at Oakland’s intimate venue The Night Light, the band has mastered live.

The absolute best thing about Between Your Teeth is guitarist and lead singer Marky Monks’ voice. He has managed to keep a higher pitched growl. Imagine if you could understand what a young Tim Armstrong was saying.

So, take a little Rancid mixed with Social D and toss in the occasional Johnny Cash and that is Between Your Teeth. Check ’em out on Facebook and spread the word.

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