Big Sean – I Decided


Big Sean, striking while his iron is hot, dropped his new album “I Decided” on the heels of 2015’s “Dark Sky Paradise.” Sean, while never the biggest name in hip-hop, looks to cement his legacy after last year’s “I Don’t Fuck with You” from “Paradise.”

Sean channels trap influences on “I Decided” but peppers it with clever lines in between the beat breaks. Lines like, “If you fuck with my glory, I’ma drop the L and get gory,” on the album’s lead single “Bounce Back” are sprinkled all throughout the LP making repeat listens treasure hunts to find the best bars.

While Big Sean’s lines are clever as always, the album takes a few interesting turns toward the middle. There are short skits and some try to connect Sean not answering his phone or have him avoiding paparazzi and while they self-contain to a degree, there’s a lack of consistency.

Where Sean is consistent are the beats throughout the album. Big Sean’s been something of a Jack of all trades with his albums, each one’s been different from the last. While “Dark Sky Paradise” had sprinkles of Trap throughout, “I Decided” commits to that direction more so. It wouldn’t be right to call Sean a Trap artist, but this is his own brand, sort of like Pop-Trap or “Diet-Trap.”

Fellow Detroit native Eminem makes an appearance on the track “No Favors” and makes slams and references that have defined his career on his verse.

Some hand soap, butter, a banjo and manhole cover, hand over the mouth and nose smother. Trample ran over the tramp with the Land Rover,” Shady spits on the track.  It’s a cool cut to have on the LP, but Shady fans may need to take some warming up to the mixing during his verse. That said, it’s hard to say Em has showed any signs of slowing down in a 20 year career.

While “I Decided” doesn’t reinvent the hip-hop turntable, it does offer consistent sounds throughout its 14 tracks with trap snares and piano samples to soften the beats and make it approachable. Big Sean fans should be pleased with the MC’s fourth offering as he’s not showing any signs of slowing down since his debut six years ago. For casual hip-hop fans or those interested in Trap but don’t want to dive right in, this is a great place to start.

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