Bill Parton Trio – Debut EP


There’s not too much to say about Bill Parton Trio’s self-titled debut EP other than it’s really, relaxingly great. Take the harmonies from The Beatles that continually ring through your head long after the song has stopped playing. Take the chord progression and soft vocals of Coldplay (without the repetitive tediousness that I often find with Coldplay). Add some rock guitars and soaring melodies that tend to calm the beast rather than digging it up from the depths of Hell.

That is Bill Parton Trio. It’s all catchy, radio ready, but never boring music that is so simple and still speaks to the heart. There’s a weight of meaning behind the vocals which are supported by piano. However, there’s still a pop movement that is engaging for the listener, so you won’t pass out and fall asleep like you’ve been listening to Enya on repeat.

Listen to them here and, as always, let us know what you think, too.

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