Bizzythowed – Blank Check, Vol. 1


When most people think of rock stars, they probably don’t think of those who have worked with  Nicki Minaj or The Weeknd, but guitarist/singer/songwriter, who’s worked with both, is here with a solo EP that blends hip-hop lyrics and guitar solos for something unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Based out of Texas, Bizzythowed’s debut EP, “Blank Check, Vol. 1” has arrived and is dripping with soulful guitar licks, aggressive lyrics and drum patterns that blend funk, jazz and hip-hop.

It’s difficult to describe Bizzythowed’s lyrics without possibly offending some, but you’ll hear rhymes that traditionally come from R&B or rap and are given a different feeling with a serenading tone, rather than one that comes off as arrogant. Like the chorus on “GTBO” where the line, “Get these bitches open,” is repeated, but with a tone of sincerity as well as a slight aggression that would accompany those who would say that about someone. 

While there are songs like “FHITS” that have traces of soul, other songs like “Cut the Check” and “Life is Here” take inspiration from old school metal like early Metallica or even Pantera. On paper it sounds too jarring to work, but the way the songs are ordered and the style of each makes the EP feel complete, like a thought progress, and not just a random collection of songs. This is a unique blend of genres that doesn’t come off sounding like “nu-metal” from the 90s or other rap rock outfits like Rage Against the Machine. This is something that stall together unique and deserves a listen for fans of hip-hop or more traditional rock/metal.

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