Blackfoot Gypsies

Blackfoot Gypsies

Nashville is home to budding artists on nearly every corner, literally. New music acts spring up seemingly overnight. Blackfoot Gypsies is another of those Nashville creations that popped up out of nowhere.

The native Nashville band has a laid-back atmosphere to their songs. With the combination of what can only be described as old time Southern rock, with a hint of bluegrass on some tracks like “Stone Throwin’ Angels,” Blackfoot Gypsies has a hint of classic rock’n’roll tied in with their own unique style. While some call it garage sound, the band seems more like what one would listen to on a camping trip or sitting out on the porch in the country. Their song “I Wanna Roll Around With You” is another catchy tune worthy of a Bonnaroo crowd. It seems to be one of the few that acts as a hybrid creation where a listener could dance to it, but also be swaying in the crowd.

If you feel lost in the din of melodramatic pop idols and the repetition of past icons (although some never get old), Blackfoot Gypsies is the perfect reprieve. The current generation lives everyday with the fingerprints of the past tattooed on nearly every part of their lives. Modern times are an amalgamation of everything from classic 70s rock to the 60s bohemian style of dress, and the power of the impressionistic youth of the 80s. Blackfoot Gypsies’ sense of style in both music and attire, gives this up and coming group the added advantage of being equivalent to a trip through the later decades of the 20th Century.

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