blink-182 at BoxWorks


I consider myself very fortunate to live in a city where start-ups are so successful and active. There’s a creative energy about SoMa that even the constant smell of pee in the air can’t erase.  Occasionally, these start-ups do some really awesome things – like that time Box asked blink-182 to play the after party for their BoxWorks convention.

I didn’t get to see blink play pre-hiatus, which made the hiatus hurt even more. I didn’t know if I would ever see them play live, which caused 15-year-old me to panic and have an existential crisis. However, I painted my eyeliner on a little blacker and kept on truckin’.

The reunion was a sweet success. 2009 was probably one of the better years in my life. I went to the reunion tour with a grin that would put the cheshire cat to shame and followed similarly upon the release of the Neighborhoods single  “Up All Night.”

Imagine my surprise to find they’re playing some nerd convention where I live! I went with high expectations and was not disappointed. The crowd didn’t really do a pit well, but that’s beside the point. They sounded pro (but with a beast of a drummer like Travis Barker, I don’t think you can really slack off at all).  The guys seemed like they were having a good time, though this wasn’t their usual crowd (people in mostly business casual attire due to the conference).

Thankfully, this wasn’t their regular show. We were right up front – spitting distance from Tom DeLonge. The sound was overwhelmingly familiar and I knew that 15-year-old me would be proud and sated.

The smile on Mark’s face was enough for me, really.

Because I am a rather emotional person, I did shed a tear in “Down.” The line Tidal waves they rip right through me  speaks to me in a way that I will probably get that tattooed somewhere on my body one day. Hearing that up close & personal made the lines very real and gave them a life. I think that’s what shows do best. We hear the lines rehearsed, but not any less meaningful.

Here’s the set list:

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