Blink-182 ‘Dogs Eating Dogs’ First Listen


FULL DISCLOSURE: blink-182 is my favorite band.

So, take a moment and process. We good?

I just finished my first listen of blink-182’s latest release: Dogs Eating Dogs. I wanted to just explore my initial reaction on a song-by-song basis. I’m not going to pull a Carson Daly and just say the bass is more ‘pumped up’ and leave it at that. I’m going off of my gut reaction from only 1 spin of these new songs. Here goes:

When I Was Young
This song has the grinding, but clear guitars first heard from +44 and the epic choruses embraced by Angels & Airwaves. So, it’s almost as if Mark and Tom wrote this song in separate parts and fused them together. If so, this wouldn’t be the first time. They admit to doing this on ‘Feeling This.’

Dogs Eating Dogs
This song, save the bridge, sounds like it was pulled straight from the +44 b-sides pile. The bridge, in some way reminiscent of the untitled record, is the only part that feels like blink-182.

The first thing one notices on this song is its abundance of ‘Angels & Airwaves’ guitars. Some say Tom stole this sound from U2, but that argument is for another blog. Were it not for the obviously-played-by-Travis-Barker drums, one might not even notice if this song was slipped into a re-issue of Angel’s ‘I-Empire.’

Boxing Day
This song sounds very much like blink right before they initially went on hiatus. It has a lot of the mellow and melodic elements found in songs like ‘Not Now’ or ‘Another Girl, Another Planet.’ The only elements I would consider ‘newer’ would be the really subtle synth sounds that most certainly came from the +44-era experimentation.

Pretty Little Girl
This song is all over the place in terms of influence. Initially, it sounds Tom-heavy in that it sounds like an Angels & Airwaves track that could have been recorded in the Box Car Racer days. I feel like this is the style blink committed to on ‘Neighborhoods.’  I’m not going to spoil anything, but I feel like Travis had more of a hand in this track than any other.

Overall, I like it. It’s not Enema of the State, but anyone with a brain should know they don’t intend it to be. If you are or ever have been a fan of blink-182, go get this on Tuesday. Don’t worry; I won’t tell anyone.

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