Blueprint – Vigilante Genesis


You can tell a lot about a hip-hop artist when the first beat of their first song kicks in. Rapper/producer Blueprint starts his new EP “Vigilante Genesis” with the sound of a spray can rattling and being used before the lull of a distorted bass starts humming. Immediately you get the sense that this won’t be the kind of hip-hop they play in clubs, but closer to the style with a message and deep cuts.

Blueprint’s flow on these seven tracks is like that of a butterfly, but the lyrics themselves sting like a bee. “Corner Store Showdown” describes a convenience store robbery as a bystander.

“While he struggled not to fall the owner pointed his 9,” Blueprint purrs over a subdued beat of heavy bass and quick keyboard strikes. “Let off a couple, sound like the Fourth of July. He was dead but they still shot his ass 20 times.”


Imagery like this coats the EP like fresh paint from a can.

The final track, “Ten Paces” has a groovy guitar sample that gives the song a funk feel, but with a high-pitched wail ever-present and the lyrics, “Getting caught in an alley brawl,” it’s anything but. The EP as a whole feels like it’s all one connected story reminiscent of Kendrick Lamar’s 2012 album “good kid m.a.a.d. city.”

For someone who’s been in hip-hop for almost 20 years, Blueprint shows no signs of slowing down, or censoring himself in the name of storytelling, making “Vigilante Genesis” a collection of songs that will stay with you long after the final verse ends.   

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