Blunda – Messages EP


There’s a time and a place for ’80s synthesized rock. This is primarily in John Hughes movies, proms that happened in the ’80s and when that one guy who decides to play Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” on the bar’s jukebox. To everyone who was born after the ’80s synth power balads, these songs are beginning to sound outdated. Fear not! Blunda has released the Messages EP which is like an updated version of those synthesized songs.

Self described as “Indie Electronic,” Andy Blunda is the multi-instrumentalist behind the sound that is Blunda. The EP’s title song “Messgaes” is like a more modern version of something that Duran Duran would produce with a little less of the pop influence. It has a quick, upbeat rhythm, but with quiet, breezy vocals.

“The Money Side” is the song that defines Blunda as an artist. It’s the slow song matches the Blunda signature airy vocals. This kind of song places him alongside the likes of Aqualung soloist Matthew Hales.

If you’re looking to update your music catalog, Blunda is the best place to start. You’re going to get those classically ’80s aspects you love, but you’ll be able to share your collection without that sarcastic “Really?” So, check out his website here, and be sure to share your thoughts!

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