Boy From the Crowd – Where The Bees Come to Die


Boy From the Crowd may not be for everyone, but for punk fans, this is for you. Their latest EP “Where the Bees Come to Die,” is filled with grunge groundwork that takes you back to the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s. Fueled with styles like David Bowie and the Sex Pistols, this EP will leave you a bit sentimental.

“The Road” was more chill in its style than “All I Need,” but both are both centered around journeys. Although the subjects are different, the songs are vastly different than the main song on the track list, “Where Bees Come to Die.” That song is centered around the impacts of society on the planet, an entirely different turn for listeners.

The single is a slow jam that leaves you feeling sadly nostalgic. The London natives created this instrumental track with the idea of the ill effect of man in mind. The title of the song is enough to make you second guess its content, but upon listening to “Where Bees Come to Die,” you realize the implications of it.

Although many people are unaware of the fragile relationship between bees and our planet’s health, Boy From the Crowd turned a tragic circumstance into a less melancholy listen. Instead of feeling like the bees dying is your fault, you’ll feel empowered by the instrumental music to do something about it.

According to members Vinny Piana (guitars and vocals) and Vegas Ivy (drums and percussion), the soundtrack was influenced by how humanity is “messing up our planet.” The self reflection is a fine tuned masterpiece that leaves you with a sense of purpose and a vision to change what we can.

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