Brandon Flowers – Flamingo

It has taken me a while to be able to write what you are about to read concerning Brandon Flowers’Flamingo. I am the bitterest of the bitter concerning this whole Killers hiatus or whatever it is. They are one of the best bands to come around recently. Everything is perfect about them- the writing, the playing and performing.

When “Crossfire” was released, I thought, “It’s decent enough, but could easily be a Killers song, SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL STAY WITH THE KILLERS, BRANDON.”

Then I heard the entire album. I saw this as quite a big step. Not only did I listen, but I actually paid for the album. Not only did I pay for the album, but I paid for the deluxe edition.

It turns out that I’m glad I did listen and pay. The writing is still really good. Flowers and a few others contributed to the writing, but from what I have read and can tell, it’s mostly Flowers’ writing. I heard somewhere that Flowers wanted to get more serious and that resulted in his break from The Killers and that is actually very evident in the album. There are several spiritual or religious references. As a matter of fact, “On the Floor” sounds like a song that a church would sing (musically, minus a few lyrics).

I love his voice. I believe that if I heard and angel, it would sound something like Brandon Flowers (or Michael Bublé, while we’re on the angel subject).  He is very talented and he seems to work hard. I don’t know if he has had any training or even cares about singing correctly. However, from what I hear on the album, he seems to have put a lot of energy and work into making this album something of which to be proud. The only problem is that when I hear Flowers’ voice, it just makes me want to listen to The Killers.

It is hard for me to admit that I like Brandon Flowers solo. I didn’t even admit it to anyone until I had the album a few weeks. I’m still bitter. Way bitter. So bitter that you can’t even imagine. However, as I said before, Brandon Flowers is very talented and put a lot into this album. I want to support that, even if it means The Killers are away for a while. (Hey, at least they left on a freaking great album like Day & Age.)

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