Brutus Begins – 3P

Brutus Begins

Brutus Begins is a Canadian indie/alt-rock band that is still really fresh with just a three song EP (3P) under their belts so far. Those three songs are pretty great, though and filled with inspiration from some of my favourite alt-rock bands like Cage the Elephant, Rural Alberta Advantage and Born Ruffians.  

3P kicks off with Never Fade, a mellow tune about the importance of living life and enjoying the journey. The first lines are, “no sleep, fuck sleep, I’ll save sleep for the grave,” and they’re sang in a very chill voice that almost sounds bored. That is, until they kick it up a notch with the chorus and add a little more synth, a little more percussion and some layered vocals. It’s pretty obvious that this song will probably be their single and a successful one at that. 

Hunger Stays reminds me so much of a combination of City and Colour and Hey Rosetta! I think it has a lot to do with the chorus and the layered vocals. My favourite part about this tune is the keyboard in the background, it’s a nice touch to the pretty simplistic guitar and percussion. 

The final song on the album is Mind Is A Gun, and it’s the first time we hear something a tiny bit more grungy and rock from Brutus Begins. Although the vocals hold onto that low-energy, deep sound, the guitar is a bit more prominent and the drummer puts a little bit more oomph into the chorus. The song definitely has that “internal struggle” feel with lyrics like “can’t turn my brain off,” and “I kinda hate myself.” The angst is strong in this one. 

As much as I enjoyed this EP from Brutus Begins, I honestly had a bit of trouble reviewing it. I love the indie/alt-rock sound but except for a bit of a unique guitar riff in their third song, Mind Is A Gun, the three songs on the album sound a lot alike. It’s almost as if they all just run together and create one 11 minute song. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it could just mean that the band has really nailed their niche and their writing style, but it couldn’t hurt to switch things up a bit as Brutus Begins grows and matures as a band.

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