Carnival Seasons


Carnival Seasons is one of those hip bands. For now, they’re in that garage stage where you take a look at them and it could literally be any type of music that they perform. However, it won’t be long before some label swoops them up to cover in stylists and marketing. They’ll know exactly what to do to make these guys look like the Black Keys/Killers-esque band that they are…. Let’s talk about their sound.

Sound wise, Carnival Seasons has the standard alt/rock/pop sound with driven guitars and running bass lines. The vocals sound like an act – like the lead singer is putting on a show for you. However (and this is a big ‘but’), the vocals sound incredibly honest. It’s as if this show is what comes more naturally than his speaking voice.

The best part about Carnival Seasons is all of the movement in the songs. Like I said before, they definitely have the pop music feel in that it’s generally pretty upbeat. You’re going to move around at their shows. Other than that, there are rhythm changes in songs like “Untrained Actions.” The song starts off kind of slowly, but picks up as instruments chime in one by one until you have this entire piece full of sound that blends incredibly well.

Check out Carnival Seasons on Facebook. (They’re also on iTunes and Google Play Music).

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