Carta Marina – End of an Era


There is something to be said about atmospheric music. Words or not, these pieces of music keep our ears and minds busy so we aren’t left with screaming silence. Carta Marina’s End of an Era is the soundtrack to keep the silence at bay.

Though this type of airy music is usually instrumental, Carta Marina’s songs have lyrics (except for a couple – “Death Blossom” and the title track “End of an Era”). They remind me of Silversun Pickups in the way that they present their lyrical songs. It’s all got a hint of mystery, but the words have meaning. They’re not just thrown in to make something catchy. An example from the first track “Your Majesty” is a great example of their way with words:  Sparks of light shone on my leg/Pick them up and put them away/To my pocket so I can pretend/That I somehow can feel them… 

Carta Marina is like a mix between Silversun Pickups and Circa Survive with different vocalists and a little more pop-infused. (I think there’s a little Americana thrown in the mix, t00). There aren’t as many distorted guitars, but just rock enough for the rock lovers out there.

Give ’em a listen here.

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