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Halifax Pop Explosion 2015

Halifax Pop Explosion

  Music Festivals to me are like all-inclusive vacations to other people. Nothing makes me happier, more excited or more at peace than the thought of heading to a music festival. That’s why I’m stoked that my little-big city of Halifax, Nova Scotia has developed its own – Halifax Pop Explosion (HPX).

If I Die Young Presents Let’s Move Cities

Let's Move Cities 2015

What if you died tomorrow?  No one likes to think about this, but it’s an important question. Life doesn’t last forever and there is no way of telling if your life will continue past today. You can read horoscopes and visit psychics, but they’re unreliable. They can be proven wrong, so you have to consider […]

Good Charlotte Is Back and I Need a Moment

Good Charlotte

In case you hadn’t heard (but you have heard because you don’t live under a rock), Good Charlotte is making a return. They released their newest song “Makeshift Love” with a lyric video and an actual music video (not that lyric videos aren’t legit; I’d just rather see their smiling faces).  

How Do We Keep Venues? A Lesson From The Masquerade

Photo courtesy of The Masq's Facebook page.

Four years of my life were spent in Atlanta. Some wonderful (and not so wonderful) things happened to me there, but the shining gem is the Masquerade. It is absolutely the best venue in Atlanta. With three rooms inside – Heaven, Hell and Purgatory – and an outdoor music park, it is a haven and […]

Jont Live in Halifax


Have you ever fallen in love? If so, you’re familiar with the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and goosebumps on your arms. You’re probably also no stranger to the feelings of bliss and contentment; as if everything is right in the world. These sensations are similar to those that you get when watching Jont, […]

The Used and Taking Back Sunday Live


What happens when you sell out a show at the Warfield? San Francisco warmly welcomes you into her clutches with spilled beer, puffs of smoke and crowd surfers throwing up the middle finger as if saying, “Yes, please continue to rock.” Opening bands Sleepwave (former Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain’s project) and Tonight Alive both warmed […]

Between Your Teeth


Between Your Teeth is a band that is “inspired by many different styles of punk rock, old and new, [there] is also a large influence of late 70’s rock and roll and twangy ass country music,” according to their “About” section on Facebook, which is usually and unfortunately unreliable. So, here’s the big but – […]

Jimmy Eat World at the Warfield


Jimmy Eat World played a set for the Damage 2013 Tour at the Warfield. The best part about the set is that Jimmy has such a full catalog of perfect songs, the set is just song to song. There was very little banter except where necessary (tuning and such), so it was just hit to […]

blink-182 at BoxWorks


I consider myself very fortunate to live in a city where start-ups are so successful and active. There’s a creative energy about SoMa that even the constant smell of pee in the air can’t erase.  Occasionally, these start-ups do some really awesome things – like that time Box asked blink-182 to play the after party […]

Rancid & Transplants – A Reflection


San Francisco’s Warfield hosted two nights of Rancid and the Transplants. For Tim Armstrong, this meant playing two sets per night. These weren’t just “we feel like doing a tour” shows, these were Rancid’s 20th anniversary tour shows that they ended in two nights back home in the Bay Area.