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Carry On, My Wayward Son

A wise person once said, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” I may not know who this person was, but I agree full-heartedly with their statement because I’ve had a lot of fun writing for Creative Control Magazine. A year-and-a-half ago, I was accepted as an editorial intern on this website, and fifty-nine articles later, […]

Karmic – Higher Self


The pop genre has become arguably the most popular and versatile genre of the last 20 years, weaving its way into rap, rock and now country. But Karmic has seemingly brought the genre back to its 80s roots with their single “Higher Self.”

Jared Mancuso – Superdope


Jared Mancuso is either Buddy Holly reincarnated or a musician born many years too late. He even has the look and the whole nine yards. He’s actually portrayed Holly as an actor and in his own tribute act called Not Fade Away.

The Kaos – Cold


It starts with a few guitar strings reverberating throughout the empty spaces followed by rimshots on a snare then the vocals from Josh Audas come in, breaking the instrumental. This is the sound of the Kaos and their new single “Cold.”

Fragile Things – Broken Sun


How many times have we all heard the phrase “the first one is the best” when referencing a series of albums, films, or books? I’ve heard it more than enough in my time. My thoughts are that this frequent occurrence is likely due to an emotional attachment to the original formula and subsequent diversion from […]

Taylor Jahn – Hide Away


I have a soft spot for singer songwriters. Partially because they often produce adorable folky tunes and also because they’re often from small towns like the one that I came from, so I feel like we have some unwritten bond that city folk just don’t understand.

Jet Plane – Pipe Dream EP


What does a song say when it has no lyrics? I had this question on my mind this week as I listened to Russian band Jet Plane’s EP “Pipe Dream.” Hailing from Bryansk, Jet Plane is composed of five members: guitarists Sergey Sapunov and Maxim Berezko, Dmitriy Bulavincev on drums, bass player Konstantin Kiselev, and […]

Liberty Lies – Are You Listening?


I always thought I was the only person who paid attention to song lyrics, but Liberty Lies’ new single, “Are You Listening?” has proved I’m not. A hard rock band from the West Midlands, this group of five originally formed in June 2008, consisting of lead vocalist Shaun Richards, guitarists Josh Pritchett and Liam Billings, […]

JW Sargent – Constant


I find it both strange and exciting when a new song forces me into a philosophical crisis, like when I listened to JW Sargent’s recent song and music video release, “Constant.” An alternative/indie multi-instrumentalist from Philadelphia, Sargent has just begun his musical journey, planning to release his debut EP “In Retrograde” on November 18th. In […]

Parlour Tricks – (what i think about when i think about) BODIES


Earlier in October, the band Parlour Tricks announced that they were calling it quits. Though not quite a household name just yet, the band had picked up some steam over the last couple of years – especially on the New York music scene. Their gritty yet romantic sound is a nice break from some of […]