Cave Mouth – Deep Water

Cave Mouth

Imagine rocking softly in a grunge bar and sipping on beer or shooting whiskey – that’s when you would hear Cave Mouth. The U.K. natives recently released a single called “Deep Water,” and before listening to it, I never thought the phrase “filthy-swamp-bluesy” would be considered when describing a band I listened to. Magnetic seems like such an inadequate word for describing the pull of “Deep Water” for the untamed and strange who are sure to listen. 

Interestingly enough, their “Deep Water” single is one of those songs that after listening to it, you forget the tune and lyrics. That’s not a bad thing. I find it amazing actually. The song made an impression, and even though my mind couldn’t hold on to the specifics of it, I still went back for more. After listening to it, I wondered “What did that song sound like again” before I turned it back on and immediately remember every glass-raising moment. 

The talent from across the pond emits a deeply disquieting undertone so it’s not for the fainthearted. Am I saying they’re like Marilyn Manson types – heck no! Not at all, in fact, but It’s definitely not for the pop fans, with more grit and raw sound. 

Cave Mouth gives you a peek of what to expect in their musical style just by the sound of their name; an opening to a dark cavern filled with echoes of music’s past and an underground aura. It’s up to you to enter, but be prepared to be swallowed whole once you listen to “Deep Water.” Oh, and once you enter that cave, the stage lights rise, and there’s no turning back.

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