Chill – A Playlist


Usually, I’m able to sleep and medicate myself through cold and flu season with little difficulty. However, this time was a little different. I came home from an amazing trip to Japan where we saw tons of fantastic bands and I immediately took to what I’m calling the Cough of Doom. Between worrying about how little would be on my next paycheck from taking this huge amount of time off work to travel only to need more time off to heal and staying up all night nursing this Cough of Doom (and my completely rational, not ridiculous fear of doctors that I heroically put aside to get the meds I need), I seriously needed time to chill and unwind.

As poorly timed as it is, this illness is the motivation for this next playlist called “Chill.” I’ve come up with some songs that will help relax and finally get that well deserved nap.

Check it out here: Chill

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