Circle of Reason – Never Enough

Circle of Reason

The concept of Circle of Reason’s new video for Never Enough is not a new one in the realm of the music industry. A press release explains that the song “explores the lyrical theme of ‘no matter what you do, it’s never good enough for some people.'” While being at the mercy of your significant other is something we’ve all seen in videos before, the striking aspect of this vid is the extent that’s reached to get the song’s point across.

This is the third video release from the group in the last few months, all of which come from the mini LP, Faith or Theory. While the last video for Questions featured the band in dark and cryptic circumstances, this one finds the group in a much more recognizably perilous situation.

The setting takes place in a junkyard, four people (presumably the band members) are trapped inside a car, their faces shrouded in black hoods and their hands tied. These guys are subjected to the wrath of a dark-haired woman who smashes the vehicle with a sledgehammer. She also destroys vinyl records, CDs, and stomps picture frames to vent her rage. At the end she douses the car and herself with gasoline and lights a match.

Musically, fans of the band’s previous work should like this song as well. Never Enough features an ear-piercing abrasive sound similar to what’s heard on Questions. The chorus is exceptionally haunting, in this section the pace slows greatly and an eerie melody is played on the strings. It’s here that the vocalist delivers the track’s main message: “You always said it was enough, I used to think it was enough just breathing,”

This is a good watch for those who are feeling frustrated in their relationship. The amount of physical destruction that plays out is jaw dropping. Which makes this a perfect catharsis for feeling overwhelmingly bitter about your love life.

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