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Circle of Reason

Seeing the new video for Circle of Reason’s Questions may leave you with your own set of inquiries. The recently released single from the upcoming album Faith or Theory (due out May 27th) is accompanied with a video that is vague both visually and in the sense of its meaning. The song starts abruptly, seemingly skipping the intro and kicking off with the verse. The video opens to the scene of the members performing in a solid black room, the band wearing black blindfolds and solid black clothes. Musically, the song hits hard, featuring a sludgy distortion, which is most commonly associated with stoner rock.

Each section of the song is aggressive. However, the group does take it down a bit during the bridge when the drummer slows his beats and the string section bends and holds out notes with considerable sustain. Other than the bridge, the tempo stays at a consistent pace throughout the song. This is a raw and unforgiving track with a chorus that will pound the ears of even the most veteran of hard rock fans.

For a song that’s this heavy, not a scream or growl is once heard. The band has been praised for strong vocals in previous reviews. Lead singer Simon Osman’s notes are clean and he hits some remarkably high notes.

As far as song meaning, I’ve yet to find a copy of the lyrics so it’s hard to speculate. Although, the band being in blindfolds and surrounded by darkness points to themes of being in unfamiliar places, being held hostage, and awaiting execution.

For fans who would prefer something softer, you can check out the band’s previous EPs Yesterday Already and These Hands and This Mind. On these EPs, this quartet from Southampton U.K. takes a gentler approach to songwriting. For the hard rockers, here’s something heavy, dark, and mysterious to add to your playlist.

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