Civil Engineer – Thank You, Siberia!

Civil Engineer

In a world where so much music is pumped up and lively, causing us to dance, clap, and sing along, it is nice to slow down every once in a while. Sometimes, we just need to sit back and slow down our heartbeat. Classical music is a great way to do this, through piano and violin-playing, but it is not the only way. Civil Engineer offers an alternative: guitars and bongos. 

Civil Engineer is a band from Denver, Colorado that offers listeners a variety of soft, mellow tracks in their first album, “Thank You, Siberia!” Upon listening to their tracks, one aspect instantly noticeable is that everything about their music is smooth. The instrumentals, the vocals, the digital editing—it is all amazingly calm and soothing. Rather than putting you to sleep, however, I have found their music is especially powerful in clearing the mind. Any stress or negative thoughts dissipate immediately after the first note plays. There are often times upbeat music wipes away my stress, but Civil Engineer’s album does the job even better. 

Most of the tracks are soft and slow, but the beat does pick up in the ninth song, “The First Time.” I love this song, not just because of its faster beat, but the irony that comes from its name and said pace.  It showcases Civil Engineer’s instrumental talents extremely well. It has very few vocals, but when you do hear lyrics, you hear “You had to know,” which seems to come from the album’s first song, “Had to Know.” Assuming there is a connection here, this greatly enhances the album as a whole because these songs were not picked at random, but rather carefully chosen. This is awesome because it shows how hard they worked on putting this album together, and it also sets up a chance for even greater feats in the future. We’ll have to see what they come out with next, but I am definitely looking forward to it. Check them out and you might join me, too.

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