Cold Summer – Fight to Survive


It’s not always easy to dive into certain musical genres, especially if the type is loud, erratic, spacy or just plain odd. Some folks need a gateway artist for this sort of thing. For those looking to venture into the realm of Post Hardcore, Cold Summer is an ample act to start.

Cold Summer is a four-piece musical communion from Leeds, U.K. Since forming in 2011, the band has released a self-titled album and most recently its third EP titled Fight To Survive.


The first track, Bear Eats Wolf starts with some guitar and keyboard ambience. The drums slowly fade in and soon all instruments are in full effect. The guitar squeals and the vocals are coarse, but this doesn’t seem too abrasive for radio. The hooky chorus appeals even more to airplay viability in my opinion. The lyrical content about overcoming obstacles also makes it rather motivating and attractive for a listen in the car before a difficult workday.  The next tune, A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire, is much like Bear Eats Wolf, but even more ear-friendly and popish. The way in which the song calls for a change is reminiscent of U2 except that progressive/experimental metal is the soundtrack.

The He Is Legend influence really shows with the stoner rock sound in Car Crash (In Progress). He Is Legend is one of the band’s biggest influences and the two were touring partners in 2014 as well. The closer, Something, Nothing, No One, is one of the more groove-based of the six tracks. And like them all, the vocalist swaps between raspy shouts and clean harmonious tones.

Fight To Survive is an EP that has the potential to appeal to not only Post-Hardcore fans, but also anyone with an eclectic taste and an open mind. Those not accustomed to this style may find it a bit harsh. But the same can be said for just about any new venture in life in which we’re trying to make ourselves comfortable.

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