Comb the Desert – Humannoyed


Punk is the kind of music that makes you flail your fists and want to break out of the prison known as your parents’ basement. The trend continues with Comb the Desert and their debut EP “Humannoyed.” 

The four piece from New Jersey features bass that sounds like the strings are hanging on for dear life and ferocious vocal delivery from Joe Galuppo. Songs like “Walken Shoes” and “Don’t HAARP On Me” feature the band’s ability to blend punk with the hardcore genre. Mike Bell’s bass is still heavy and powerful, but the guitar’s sound from Justin Sherwood leaps into the driver’s seat during bridges and crescendos of these two tracks which makes them stand out.

Despite punk being known for keeping song length brief, Comb the Desert aren’t afraid to let their musical legs stretch on some of these tracks. “Don’t HAARP On Me” and “Humannoyed” are both well over four minutes long. It can be exhausting at first, but the songs justify their lengths by the end.

Comb the Desert and “Humannoyed” bring both new and old to a genre that can be criticized as all sounding the same. But Comb the Desert does an excellent job of merging hardcore and punk in an unholy matrimony fist in fist.  

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  1. Mitch Belfor says:

    Kelly’s drum tones are the shit! Comb the Desert rocks!!!

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