Comett – Back to Reality


Well, nothing like starting my 2017 reviews off with a super fresh find. A new year means new tunes, new bands and new sounds to discover and there’s no better way to describe this week’s reviewees than “new.” I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like them and I have definitely never heard of the Paris-based duo Comett, so to me, they’re completely new.

The band is made up of Alexandra C-P on vocals, guitar, keyboard, bass and programming and Julien G on drums, programming and bass. They also list Yoann Auzanneau, who creates the band’s artwork, as a member. The music is created by a duo who I can’t help but describe as eccentric, with a pop/electronic/alternative sound. I know that’s a lot of adjectives to use to describe two dudes, but they’re all necessary.


Apparently their first album, My Reality is Your Fiction, took an entire four years to produce and release, whereas their second album, Back to Reality, was completed within just 15 days. Back to Reality is more organic than their first album and also has more variety to the songs. All eight of the songs are a bit different, some heavy and dark, others energetic and upbeat.

The albums kicks off with the single Love 2.0, a synth and keyboard heavy song. I immediately pictured that episode of How I Met Your Mother when the gang discovers the space-themed television show Robin stared on as a kid when I heard the first few seconds. That reference might be a bit of a stretch for a lot of people, but think robots and galaxy noise.


The album then kicks into a five minute song called Dancing in Paradise, which I’m a big fan of. It’s a bit more mainstream with little less production and more raw than some of the other tracks. It’s a fun song that I can totally picture myself dancing to.

The third track is mostly French, so I didn’t really understand it, but it had a bit of an 80’s vibe to it. I was definitely into it. I think this is really the only track on the album that highlights the vocals for what they are. There’s very little auto-tune or enhancements on his voice. I may even call it dreamy…but that could be because it’s in French.


Inside My Head is another long one at nearly five minutes and it’s pretty rock heavy. It sounds like it came from a completely different album. In fact, I had to check to see if my Spotify was on shuffle because I was convinced it was a different album. It features some cool guitar riffs and badass bass lines that come together to create a alt-rock sound that is a refreshing twist halfway through the album.

The final track on the album, just a little outro more than a song really, is a minute and thirty-eight seconds of organ, acoustic guitar and lovely, understated vocals. I loved this entire 1:38. It reminded me of something The Flaming Lips would do. It was such a unique and subtle way to round out the album.

Even though I didn’t necessarily understand what Comett was singing to me for about a third of the album, I still enjoyed hearing it. I think that’s the beauty of music – it doesn’t really matter if you get the lyrics or not. I love that a Parisian band has made it’s way into my ear drums here in Nova Scotia, Canada. I hope their next album doesn’t take as long as their first did. I don’t think the world should wait that long for more quirky, fresh sounds from Comett.

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