Como Brothers Band


Sometimes it is the unfortunate truth that singer/songwriters have boring songs. It’s not that you don’t dislike the songs, but it’s just something “nice” to listen to when you have no idea what you want to hear at the moment. Every now and then, you get the likes of singer/songwriters who just get it. You listen to their songs and think, YEAH. FINALLY. That, fortunately, is the case for the Como Brothers Band.Let’s just get this out of the way first: Matt and Andrew Como are just adorable. There. It’s been said and acknowledged, so let’s get on with the music.

At the first listen, you definitely get the John Mayer impression. They’ve got smooth voices and have some jam-worthy guitar riffs – particularly the guitars in “Broken.” However, listen to “Straight Face,” which has a little more of a jazzy feel. Here, I get the impression of Michael Bublé. The vocals are soft, but pack some power and sound so fluid.

The singer/songwriter genre is typically classified with kind of slow “Sunday morning” songs. For these guys, the songs are a little grittier and upbeat. They’re definitely looking into some rock roots, so they’ve definitely got a fresh take on the whole singer/songwriter idea.

So, check out the Como Brothers Band on their website and be sure to give them a “like” on Facebook.

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