Counting Coins – Don’t Look Down

Counting Coins

Music that prompts mosh pits is normally seen as destructive – an adolescent rebellion to authority. When you find a band that throws a bit of culture into that unruly mix, a sense of pride tends to slither in, plus a more powerful “stick it to the man” feeling. The music of Counting Coins is like that. It leaves you with a defiant feeling, and is unlike anything I’ve heard before.  

Prepare to be overwhelmed with a desire to pogo and mosh at the sound of Counting Coins. Older songs like “Not Enough Heroes (And Too Much Heroin)” and “Take the Ride” were a bit more hardcore, but in more recent songs like “What Gives You The Right” other instruments were introduced, like the trumpet and the saxophone. 

Trumpets and saxophones are rarely heard in the music of hardcore pogo-style bands, and I have to say they’re an epic addition. If you liked their older music, then you won’t be disappointed with their upcoming single. Their new release has a quick on your feet, fast paced feel that is similar to the tempo of their old stuff. This newest song will leave you feeling a little less like you got run over by an angry teenage punk mob, and a bit more cultured in the end. This song starts out with a New Orleans jazz feel, then quickly turns into something you wouldn’t expect.  

A steady improvement gave the music something it hadn’t had before – soul. Instead of angry punk jams, Counting Coins kept their message and their overall feel. Thankfully you don’t have to wait to listen to it.

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