Dani Rosenoer

Dani Rosenoer

Let’s assume Three Days Grace is where you have heard of Dani Rosenoer. He does amazing work as keyboardist and backing vocalist on the band’s tours, but what about his time before the band and in between tours? Did his fingers and vocal chords go to waste? I am happy to say they didn’t and even today he continues to create genius, with Three Days Grace and in his own time. 

Though Dani has been working with Three Days Grace since 2012, he has also put together a number of awesome songs and remixes with other groups and as a soloist. In the case of his original songs, my favorite track is his song called “Legacy.” This song has incredible usage of the keyboard, driving the song along with the drums, guitar, and spectacular vocals. It talks about how the narrator is trying to live his life the way he wants, but he is constantly messed up by others trying to tell him how he should use his time. In the end, his life will only be worth the legacy he leaves behind and the impressions he has made on others. One notable part involves a reference to The Matrix when the narrator talks about taking the “red pill.” 

There are number of other great songs Dani has recorded. Examples include “Onward,” “The Loneliest Number,” and “Place In The Sun,” though all his tracks are done with excellent mastery. The ones with vocals are amazing, but I often found his instrumental pieces more spectacular. There is just something about his keyboarding skills that keeps my ears glued to my headphones. The music puts me at peace and I just can’t get enough of it. However, I still have yet to mention the best part about Dani. 

Earlier, I mentioned Dani recorded remixes as well as original music. He has done awe-inspiring, piano-rock versions of Matisyahu’s “One Day” and Mutemath’s “Odd Soul,” but the remixes that really caught my attention were his “Water Levels.” Three in all, these tracks are Dani’s versions of instrumentals first used in undersea levels of famous video games. The tracks include “Aquatic Ambience” from Donkey Kong Country, “Launch Octopus” from Mega Man X, and “Underwater Theme” from Super Mario Bros. Dani breathes new life into the former two, giving them a more-lively theme with some electronic alterations. As for the latter, Dani does a marvelous piano cover that is simply alluring. Some may call it heresy, but I found all three even better than their originals. I loved them and I think it is awesome that video game culture has become so prominent these days. 

What is even more awesome, however, is the man behind the keyboard. His playing and vocal styles are great and always keep me wanting more. If I told you that you wouldn’t enjoy his music, I’d be lying. If you’ve never heard of Dani, now’s your chance to become acquainted. His skills are worth it.

Pre-order Dani’s upcoming album “Monkey Prison” here.

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