Danny Mecanovic

Danny Mecanovic

I have never been in a serious relationship, but I understand the feelings that surface when couples fall apart. Grief, guilt, regret—the combination can tear people apart, completely altering the depths of their minds. These emotions can also provide inspiration, especially in music, but the muses can create two different paths. The first involves anger, where the artist blames the one who left him or her, spouting hatred and profanity. On the second path, however, the artist blames him or herself, remembering the good times and regretting the mistakes made. 

This is the path Danny Mecanovic travels in many of his pieces. A guitarist and solo-artist from Melbourne, Victoria, Danny has composed several amazing songs since 2012, often teaming up with other talented artists, such as fellow guitarist Audrius Piragis, bass player Arunas Lukasevicius, and producer Edvardas Kazlauskas. One awesome thing about his tracks is definitely the range of pacing. Most of the tracks are light and catchy, but the speed and rhythm change, going from fast and energetic to gentle and emotional. Regardless of the pace, however, Danny’s sweet vocals and beguiling lyrics move you, causing both dancing and tears of happiness. 

There were three songs of Danny’s that caught my attention. The first was “Too Late,” an incredible piece with a constant, steady guitar strum in the background. This song describes how the narrator messed up again and wishes he could apologize and return to the one he loves. Even so, as the track’s title suggests, it cannot be done because too much time has passed by. What really makes the song interesting, though, is towards the end when the narrator still has determination. You hear the lyrics, “Even though you’re gone, I still carry on/I stand alone, I’m dying inside/And in all this fear, I can barely see/There’s a light at the end of the darkness.” I love this message because even though he’s suffering from grief and regret for his mistakes, he will continue to keep on living and improve himself. I think a lot of people who refuse to give up on those who broke up with them need to hear this song. 

Another intriguing song was “Don’t Tell Me,” one of the faster-paced songs. This has all the elements of a moving rock song, with its energetic guitar-playing and rhythmic drumbeat. The lyrics are great as well, with the narrator saying to his ex, “Don’t tell me I’m wrong/I already know that/Don’t tell me to go/I’m already gone.” It’s interesting to see how the narrator admits it was his fault, but at the same time, he tells his ex to acknowledge that she wouldn’t forget his mistakes. He can’t bring them back together if she doesn’t forgive him. I like the balance here of faults. When I hear about break-ups, I often hear people blame one person and not themselves. If a relationship doesn’t work, no one is free of fault. Maybe one party caused more trouble than the other, but there still has to be a problem on the other side. 

Out of all the songs Danny has released, however, my favorite has to be his latest song, “Time Watching.” In contrast to many of his other songs, the rhythm is slower and the instrumentals seem darker and heavier, not light like his earlier pieces. Another change is his appearance. In pictures from his past songs, Danny has short, blonde hair and is clean shaven. In the music video for “Time Watching,” he is hair is long and dark brown, and he has a long beard to match. In story-telling, a change in appearance and hairstyle often means there has been a change in the character’s life. This could be applied to his style of songs, as this one seems different than the others. It’s not necessarily a song about a breakup, but give the chorus a good listen: “I don’t need your time watching/I like when the sun is warmest/I’m standing at the edge of a mountain, screaming ‘Freedom!’/Finally, I’m free.” With this view, it appears the narrator has gotten over his dark emotions and is glad he is away from his ex. He can now move on with his life and doesn’t have to worry about this relationship anymore. 

This song is definitely a great transition from his past songs and makes me wonder what he will release in the future. Although, this doesn’t mean his past tracks aren’t just as incredible. His songs have an innate healing power that makes them so meaningful and powerful. If you are suffering from a bad breakup or loneliness, especially around this month of Valentine’s, I think you need to hear some Danny Mecanovic.

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