December – Between the Dots

Between The Dots

Picture yourself on a cross-country road trip, driving down an endless highway amongst fresh pines and clear skies. The scent of asphalt fills the air, but it only makes you stronger. Your only companion is the car radio playing “You” in the background. You look forward to reaching your destination, you miss being home with your family and friends, but at the same time, the thrill of the journey—the adventure—satiates you.

This is how December’s album, Between the Dots, makes you feel. The songs on there are all tales about the journey. It isn’t just an average road trip, though. It’s a travel through life itself. The songs talk about the places and people left behind, and also show the time “between” destinations, both exciting and sad. Sometimes, you’re in for the thrill of new experiences, but other times, you wish you didn’t have to leave the times of old. December doesn’t focus solely on one emotion, but gives you the full experience on the road of life.

One memorable song in the album, “Lonely Road,” features the vocals of Miss Laura Hinson, who, along with lead singer Chuck Conser, make excellent usage of repetition in lyrics like Swear I’ve heard this voice before/What happened to the home we know/Moving in and out of love for now. This echoing creates a powerful feeling of the loneliness and the fact you can’t always go back to the way things were. You can either let old memories hold you back, or keep moving towards something greater. This album is all about that, and I encourage everyone who has dealt with change to look it up.

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