December – Misplaced, Not Lost


Generally speaking, people tend to pick music that matches their mood. If you’re angry, you want some aggressive rock that you can scream to, and that helps release all the tension you’ve had to hold back for whatever the reasons may be. If you’re sad, you pick out something a little more somber just to remind you that you’re human. It is becoming rare to find something that can completely change your mood, which is what December accomplishes in their most recent album Misplaced, Not Lost.

The title alone sets the tone for the rest of the album: there is hope. Even the song “Count Me Out,” which is about getting away (from something/someone that is potentially negative) still keeps an optimistic view. Lines like You’re telling me lies from a different side are polarized with I’ll write another laundry list/’Cause I think I’ve had enough of this/ Take care from me. They say, “Screw it. I’ve got better things on my way.”

(Also, the song counts all the way to six. Counting in songs is a guilty pleasure of mine. If you count, there’s like a 98 percent chance your song will be my favorite for at least two weeks).

The sound of the album is consistent with this upbeat, positive outlook. The guitars are not really distorted and have high, bright tones. There are acoustic guitars and very little bass – there’s enough to keep the songs grounded without being too dark to overpower the songs. Lead singer Chuck Conser’s vocals sound smooth, honest and natural, which will instantly pull you out of the darkest of moods and into this weird light of contentment that you didn’t realize you needed until he started singing.


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  1. Thank you for the awesome review and kind words. We had a blast making this album and recently returned from SXSW in Austin, TX, where we had a chance to share these tunes, as well as some new ones from our next album (to be released by this summer).

    Thanks again for the listen and review, and for keeping the music alive!!


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