Deep River Running


Deep River Running has that singer/songwriter and alt-pop feel. The duo is comprised of singer Nick Schinder and songwriter Jacqueline Doherty, so Schinder’s voice guides Doherty’s words to your hears. Though you never hear her voice, Doherty’s thoughts and poetry mix with your own with a sound brought by Schinder that’s like a not so boring Coldplay.

Nothing against Coldplay (as even I like a few of their songs), but it’s easy to get lost and forget you were listening to music at all. However, with Deep River Running, the songs are short enough that you don’t get bored and they are catchy enough that you remember them after they’ve ended. Schinder’s gentle, fragile voice paired with the piano parts tends to remind me of Keane‘s “Somewhere Only We Know.”

Deep River Running should model all of the songs off of the piece “My Song.” It starts of just piano and vocals and very gently eases into drums and electric guitar with backing vocals. It becomes this full, all encompassing song that still has that singer/songwriter feel with the pop hooks. It’s definitely their best and makes you want to memorize their full repertoire by listening to it over and over again.


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