Deepshade – Time


Does anything truly shock us anymore? In the age of Internet, it’s doubtful. It seems that every form of taboo imaginable has already been covered in the entertainment industry in some form. Still, it takes guts to challenge religion, and from what I can gather, Deepshade’s video for Time does exactly that.

Time is the third single from the debut album from Deepshade titled Everything Popular is Wrong, released in September of last year. This trio from Wigan, England has only been together since late 2013. Despite this, the band has received airplay from the BBC and produced a few other music videos.

The video centers on the substance abuse problems of a priest, who is seen drinking and using drugs at numerous points throughout the short film’s 3:18 duration. The group plays the chorus three times, and each time, the lyrics slightly change. The lyrics to the first chorus are:

She said what’s my line? Repent
It’s your time
What’s my life? She said
It’s that time”

The second chorus reads:

“She said what’s my line? Repent
It’s that time!
What’s my line she said
It’s a lie!”

The third chorus:

“She said my life
What’s your kind?
She said
What’s in my life?


It’s hard to determine a definite meaning for the video and/or song. Although, the video seems to be making the statement that even the most righteous members of society can have addictions as well. Most of the lyrics are ambiguous, leaving room for interpretation of their meaning.

Nirvana is one the band’s main influences and it definitely shows. There are many elements in Time that are comparable to a Nirvana track: the simplicity of the song, the thin, buzz-like tone of the guitar and the fact that there are only three instruments, to name a few.

In their short time together, these guys have all the bare-bone characteristics needed to be a Grunge band. As you can see from the video, they’re already attempting to incite rebellion and controversy. With that being said, it’ll be interesting to see how things progress for this band in the future.

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