Derek Johnson


Derek Johnson is a folk artist with a Bob Dylan vibe and a killer sense of humor. The Nashville artist has the complete Tennessee feel, with the a unique sound. Unlike many others of his generation, Johnson has a raw talent for music. He plays numerous instruments, writes his own music and has a voice that is sure to leave an impact. His music ranges from the folk dance to the crooning song of endearment. His intimate lyrics welcome you into a sense of understanding, and allow you to relax after a long day.

“Alone With You” is an upbeat song that will make you want to grab a significant other and move to the rhythm. “Last Dance” is a slower one of Johnson’s that is riddled with loving lyrics and a meaningful message. He is definitely diverse in his topics and tone, especially considering songs like “Road Trip.” For those Tennessee lovers, “Road Trip” is a song for you. It’s an ode to the Volunteer State that will give a sense of pride to those who hail from it, and a desire to see it for those who haven’t.

One of the best things about Johnson is that he’s self-taught. Similar to many great artists, his passion fueled his career and the music he learned from certainly set him on a path to his own original works.

So, why is Johnson gaining popularity in Nashville? Besides the fact that he’s an amazing talent, he also frequently performs around Nashville venues. While his songs can be found on various websites, he has many others in the works that are worth listening to, so don’t forget to check in once in a while to hear his new stuff. Johnson has a down to Earth personality, with an infectious smile and talent to rival the great pioneers of modern music. This artist is on his way to stardom, or at least the famous stages of music history.

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