Destroy The Line – Ordinary


When thinking about punk, many people (myself included) think of loud, fast, yet simple music. I imagine a group of guys banging on their instruments and guitarists perpetually playing chords with an open fifth. I think of something that displays a lot of passion, but at times, not the most precision.

Destroy The Line is a punk act that displays much more than I expected on first listen. This Jacksonville, FL foursome is preparing to release the debut EP War on January 13th. Consisting of members who’ve played in numerous bands in Northeast Florida over the last 20 years, Destroy The Line has come together to create its own formula of punk, thrash, and progressive music.

Ordinary, a single from the EP, starts off with a shredding riff. This type of sound more commonly comes from progressive and hardcore metal bands. The punk element in the song comes through strongly when drummer Richard Devaughn begins to relentlessly pound the snare at about the 11-second mark. The vocals are clean, distinguishable, and are tinged with that anarchist vibe that’s become customary of punk. “Don’t wake me up,” the vocalists sing in harmony during the chorus.

While punk is the main genre, this single is a blending of heavier styles and those who listen to all those styles will find it most enjoyable. The rest of the EP is yet to come but, until then, here’s a sample from a release that will likely be much more eclectic than what we’ve come to know from punk.

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