Dinosaur Eyelids – Bypass to Nowhere

Dinosaur Eyelids

Dinosaur Eyelids holds true to its credo of “We may never be rich but we’ll always be loud,” with their new album “Bypass to Nowhere.” If you’ve ever heard Dinosaur Eyelids before, you know they’re a minimum lyrics type of band. Their new album is no different. 

The album has both soft and hard rock twists to every song, so be prepared for jerks of sound at a moment’s notice. Although the repetitive nature of the songs is difficult for some, the hardcore rock and roll lovers will adore every tune as they scroll through the playlist. “Vernal Equinox” is one such song, with longer guitar solos. The lack of lyrics made some parts seem a bit long, much like “Green Eyed Soul.”  

The simple strumming in some of the songs, like my favorite “Endless Cycle,” give a brief reprieve to the longer drawn out ones. The harmonica opening of “Endless Cycle” gave it a subtle blues feel, one that I adored most on the album.

Rock and roll is the music of the misfits, and the new album from Dinosaur Eyelids is definitely one for the outsiders.

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