Doctor Squid

Right now, I’m watching Jerod mix for this band called Doctor Squid. (I do not like the actual squid that live unda de sea, just for the record. Those freak me out, but the band is wonderful). I guess one could say that they’re an alternative band. These days, “alternative” can mean a million and one crappy groups, but Dr. Squid is one of the few very, very good ones. Well worth checking out on MySpace and going to a few shows. They’re out of Athens, Georgia and very kind gentlemen, if I do say so myself. (Ok, I’ve only met them once, but I enjoyed them and their music equally). If you’re in Athens on December 8th, go check them out at Tasty World.

The music will be fantastic. I’ve never been to the venue, so I can’t tell you what the atmosphere will be like, but I CAN guarantee that if you like good music, you’ll love Dr. Squid.

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