When a band drops an EP that was produced by the man responsible for albums from bands like Florence and the Machine, your hopes are obviously pretty high right from the get-go. Aside from that, DreamVacation has a lineup of musicians that have performed with acts like Foster the People, The War on Drugs and Matt & Kim – three majorly talented groups.

With such an impressive resume, I was pretty stoked to press play on the first couple of tracks by DreamVacation. My initial thought was that the vocals reminded me a lot of John McCauley from Deer Tick with a pinch of The Killers. The backing music is slightly reminiscent of Kings of Leon, with a very alternative, electric sound.


About half way through Letting in the Dead I’m getting a little bit bored. Though the sound and vocals are technically fine, there’s no climax in the song. There’s no point in the song where the drummer breaks out into a huge crashing solo or where the lead singer really belts out the chorus. There’s not even a really solid rip on the guitar. It just left me wanting a little bit more from a band who has opened up for such entertainers such as Foster the People.

Their song Hidden Life delivered a little more. It’s full of raw emotion and the vocals sound so full of conviction. This song could’ve been written specifically for an incredibly dramatic scene in a heart-wrenching movie. It finally delivers the climax that was missing from Letting in the Dead at about 1:54, the song crashes into a pretty amped up guitar riff that had me drumming my fingers on the desk until the song concludes.


The third song that I experienced by the guys in DreamVacation is Press Play. It’s a pretty standard alternative tune with a few unique sounds and vibes, giving it a bit of a dark feel. This tune comes with a video that I think DreamVacation should be really proud of. For a relatively new band, the video is extremely well done. It’s clean and some of the scenes are beautiful. It features a man and a woman who’s lives (and maybe even souls) are somehow connected. It follows the two separately throughout half of the video – all in gorgeous gray \scale. Eventually their paths collide and it’s almost as if the man (who’s been kind of creepily lurking in the shadows the entire video) is controlling the woman’s movement. It’s all very artistic and lovely and goes perfectly with the dark vibes of the song.

DreamVacation definitely has a lot to live up to if they’re going to be known as the band that was produced by John Rausch, the band that opens for The War on Drugs and the band that played with Matt & Kim. But they’re definitely on their way to where they need to be. As long as they continue to hone their emotion and creativity, there’s no stopping these guys.  

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