Earworm 6/24/13

earworm 6.24.13

We’ve all had a song stuck in our heads (or at least one part of a song that plays on repeat until you want to punch a wall because you couldn’t remember the rest of it to save your life). That is what’s known as an earworm and is also the inspiration for this latest playlist.

These are songs that get stuck in my head, so I play them on repeat so that I can do two things: 1) Learn the entire song, so I can finish it in my head, and 2) I have a playlist of sticky songs that will get out another unwanted earworm.

So, please enjoy this short playlist: Earworm 6/24/13

It will either get stuck in your head or knock out whatever is currently stuck up there.

If you don’t have Spotify (or just don’t want to click the link), here’s the track list:

1). Suit & Tie – Justin Timberlake feat. Jay-Z
2). I’ve Got Your Number, Son – She & Him
3). Appreciation – Jimmy Eat World
4). Lookin’ Hot – No Doubt
5). Victoria – Eve 6
6).  Hit Or Miss – New Found Glory

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