Elasea – Breathe // Lesson Learnt


Alt-rock band Elasea from the UK have come together to create tunes that are saturated with impressive riffs and satisfying vocals. The members of Elasea are basically a few guys and and a gal with rock and roll souls. This is clear in their music and their recent video for Breathe // Lesson Learnt – but more on that later.

Featuring Andy Bradford on guitar and vocals, Liv Jones on bass and vocals, Calum Radmore on lead guitar, Ashley Haskell on drums, and Braydie Haskell on everything else (Keys, Synth and Samples), the band have a sound that is clearly pulled from multiple different influencers. Their song Breathe // Lesson Learnt has an obvious alt/punk rock sound, reminding me immediately of bands like You Me at Six, Twenty One Pilots and Panic! at the Disco.


Photo: Benji Walker

The song doesn’t waste any time getting into the alt-rock vibe, opening with lots of heavy guitar and percussion. When Bradford’s melodic vocals kick in I was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting harsher, heavier vocals but was greeted by something much more controlled. I think the vocals are my favourite piece of this band. I love layered vocals and Bradford’s raspy voice with the undertones of Liv’s smooth vocals really create something special. The combination of Bradford and Liv really makes this song unique, despite the fact that many pieces of it remind me way too much of Panic! at the Disco’s I Write Sins Not Tragedies.

The video for the new single was also released and the band should be equally as proud of it as they are the song. It’s clear they didn’t have a ginormous production budget, but they were still successful in conveying the theme and meaning behind the song through the video. The video flashed back and forth between the band performing and a guy in a row boat who is clearly lost.

Photo: Helen Messenger Photography

Photo: Helen Messenger Photography

I can’t imagine a better visual for a song about being held down by your mistakes. Even if you ignore some of the obvious lyrics like, “Lost at sea, you are the anchor,” the theme is super prevalent from song to video.

Breathe // Lesson Learnt is all in all a win for Elasea that will be sure to attract alt/punk fans who are looking for something real and honest.

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