Emerald Portal – All the Running


I used to hate when people would describe something as a “feel good” song, movie, etc. I felt like it was lazy and too subjective. However, after watching Emerald Portal’s video for All the Running, I kind of get it. Just like those heartwarming commercials that make you want to adopt all of the dogs, the video really just makes you feel good.

Starring a little boy, the video features all of the wonderment that comes with being a four or five year old kid exploring the world. The simplest things – running outside, watching the clouds roll by – seem so magical in this video because we’re forced to view them from the eyes of a kid.

LaFamos_Emerald Portal

It’s really no surprise that Emerald Portal pulled off such a pleasant, movie-worthy music video as the musicians come from cinematic backgrounds. Thomas Ouziel and Brand Rundblade began as a sound designer and screenwriter, respectively. The duo from Europe combined their talents and love of music to create Emeral Portal. Their backgrounds have allowed them to create music and videos that provide more than just a listening experience. Like All the Running, plenty of tracks from their first LP that come with stunning videos, leaving listeners feeling like they just had the opportunity to soak in some exquisite art.

The song begins with synthesizers and subtle guitar that pick up slowly. The video shows the struggle of song/music writing against the ease of being a little kid exploring the world. It’s a really beautiful combination. Just as beautiful as the lush sounds of the percussion, piano and synth combined with the layered vocals. All the Running is a truly imaginative track that you’ll want to hear again and again. The only thing better than melting into those indie sounds is treating your eyes to the same types of pleasures by taking in the video as well.

The band is set to release their EP, Trouble in Paradise, sometime in 2017. We can only hope that the tracks from the EP give us the same lovely feelings as the single did.

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