Evan Russell Saffer – The Opponent


Evan Russell Saffer is introducing us to electro-punk through his album The Opponent. Wait, don’t go running for the hills just yet. Skeptical as always, the words “electro-punk” just don’t sound like anything promising. However, The Opponent actually is. Find some dance music and get some dirtier, edgier vocals and that’s Evan Russell Saffer.

The song “One Friend” actually reminded me of White Zombie‘s “More Human Than Human” at first. The electronic beats with a growling vocal track is definitely appealing. While Saffer’s voice isn’t as dirty, it is still grungy enough to make dance music not so annoyingly pop-y.

You can give his songs a listen on his website here. It’s like if Skrillex were also a punk band with real vocals instead of just vocal loops.

Aside from the music, just check out the album art:


It’s all impressive. It’s a well executed attempt at a genre that will raise a few suspicious brows. The songs are made well. They’ve got a graphic designer who knows how to make an awesome album cover that actually looks like the album sounds: electronic with a hint of humanity.

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  1. Merchant Semen says:

    i checked out the songs on his website, they’re pretty awesome

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