Fire From the Gods – Narrative


Rap-metal is something of a mixed bag as a sub-genre. Sometimes you’ll get bands like Rage Against the Machine who blend rock power chords and hip-hop delivery for a unique and special sound, and then there’s Limp Bizkit. But now that the genre has become dormant since the early 2000s the guys of Fire From the Gods are here to return the genre to its glory days with their new LP “Narrative.”

Hailing from Austin, Texas, the band ditches any record spins or experimental effects for a traditional metal sound. Fast drums, loud crashes, ear bleeding guitars and 16 bars are what define this rock outfit.


Similarly to Rage before them, Fire From the Gods aren’t afraid to take a political stance in their music.  The opening track, “Public Enemy” features vocalist AJ Channer screaming the inequalities he sees everyday based on his skin color.

“Buried from the start,” Channer preaches on the tracks chorus. “They label me public enemy number one.”


It’s not often you get racially charged songs in the metal genre, but this take is refreshing, especially in a genre where it can be difficult to stand out from the pack. But even though Fire From the Gods is metal through and through, they’ve mixed hardcore singing in there as well like on the opening of “End Transmission” and “Lifeline.” These tracks showcase Channer’s ability to carry a song with his voice without cranking everything to 11 instantly.

Fire From the Gods have crafted a sound that’s aggressive and isn’t afraid to grit its platinum teeth while spitting messages about racial hardships and the political divide in the country. If rap-metal has been missing in your life, Fire From the Gods just might be your new fix.

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