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I’ve become wary of shticks. I get it – Susan Boyle’s voice was shocking for her look. Nicki Minaj has characters. How exciting. So, imagine my intense suspicion when I heard of Fish In A Birdcage – a singer/songwriter with the main instrument of none other than the cello. The big but is that if you’re ok with a smooth as silk voice and a cello that’s not devastatingly in your face, Fish In A Birdcage is definitely worth a listen.

“Magic” is what you’d expect from a singer/songwriter – setting the mood for love. However, there is that cello. It’s not overwhelmingly obvious, but it gives a little difference to the bass line. It adds some flavor to a part of music that can (sadly) be overlooked. In “Magic,” the cello is tastefully understated, but present enough to be appreciated. Singer/songwriter/cellist Dustan Townsend has created that perfect groove for his cello lines.

“Paperwork” begins similarly – the opening voice over is artsy, but reachable. Townsend’s voice is smooth and strangely comfortable – almost familiar. Then, the song kicks off into a more upbeat, pop-y groove. The vocals are still smooth, but become more relaxed, matching the mood of the song precisely. This music is easy to listen to, but will keep you completely invested.

Listen to Fish In A Birdcage’s EP below:

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  1. Hey Thanks for writing this article about us! Our new album just got released on

    -Dusty AKA Fish in a Birdcage

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