Forebear – Delroy Lindo


I don’t know when it started happening, but at some point in music history, exceptionally talented artists starting forming “supergroups.” These supergroups are essentially  bands created by a bunch of totally awesome musicians that are famous/talented in their own right. Some examples of supergroups are Them Crooked Vultures, Broken Social Scene, Broken Bells and The Raconteurs – just to name a few.

The four mentioned above are some very successful bands comprised of names like Dave Grohl and Jack White, so I’m not meaning to necessarily compare them with Forebear. However, I don’t have any problem referring to Forebear as a kind of supergroup. Comprised of Scott Goldbaum (vocals/guitar), Molly Rogers (vocals), Mike Mussleman (drums), and Nick Chamain (bass), Forebear has collectively rocked alongside artists such as Feist, Keith Urban and Bastille.

New to the scene, there’s not a ton out there to base this review on. But even just a single song by Forebear has enough layers that I could ramble on and on for pages. This band is able to seamlessly weave together rock instrument sounds with the type of vocals you expect of indie bands. The song Delroy Lindo is strikingly beautiful. The vocals are freakin’ flawless and when accompanied by the violin in the background, you get goosebumps.


Normally the chorus is my favourite part of a song – it’s the part that is made to get stuck in your head and to have the most exciting elements in it. In Delroy Lindo, though, each verse, bridge and riff is better than the last. You’re never bored listening to this tune.

Obviously bandmates with the types of backgrounds like Forebear’s are going to sound technically lovely, but this new tune has the ability to make you feel relaxed and excited all at the same time. It’s some kind of sorcery I suspect. Regardless of what kind of magic Forebear is conducting in the studio, I hope they keep it coming.

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