Forty EightOh – 40


Trap music has burst onto the music scene over the last few years, adding heavier bass, quick metronome snaps and hazardously sharp snares to this sub-genre of hip-hop. Arizona based duo Forty EighOh are adding their own take on Trap with their EP “40.” 

The EP leads off with the track “Zoo,” a song with bell samples to add a sense of dread to the song that paints the world as a violent cage. The chorus features fuzzboxed vocals that sound like someone welcoming you to a new cold world that’s as inviting as dinner with Jeffrey Dahmer. 


“LeanUp” is a song that was made almost by design to listen to while you cruise around the neighborhood. It offers a nice contrast to “Zoo,” talking about an afternoon riding around with your friends just having a good time. The production has a synth sample that adds to the feeling of good times and that at the end of the day, it’s all good. 

The last tracks, “Bags” and “Og Maco” go back to a more common Trap sound. “Bags” takes the softer samples like in “LeanUp” but the coiling metronomes from “Zoo” to make a song that’s about the rappers’ lives and what kind of hustle they’ve had to come up with just to get by. “Og Maco” uses piano samples and the same metronomes as before to make more of a beat to groove to while the MCs throw a bar or two to keep progression. It’s an interesting approach considering the other heavy lyric content, but for an EP closer it works here. 


If Trap music is your bag or if you’re looking for a gateway into the subgenre, “40” by Forty EightOh is not a bad place to start.

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