Fragile Things – Broken Sun


How many times have we all heard the phrase “the first one is the best” when referencing a series of albums, films, or books? I’ve heard it more than enough in my time. My thoughts are that this frequent occurrence is likely due to an emotional attachment to the original formula and subsequent diversion from said formula. And it’s something I’ve seen happen to a many of fan.

With this in mind, take a listen to the original formula in Fragile Things’ debut EP Broken Sun. This is a four-track collection and there are almost no other songs from this band on the Internet. Listen to this Milton Keynes/ Brighton, England quartet slide down the musical birth canal and crown through your speakers.

It all starts with Enemy is I, a song that shows off the group’s affinity for Guns ‘N’ Roses in noticeable fashion. There are quite a few high notes hit on both the vocals and the guitar. The overall amount of energy that comes across is high as well. But the heavy and punching distortion gives it a more modern twist than something one would hear from G ‘N’ R. This is a high-spirited opener for the EP.


Richie Hevanz’s voice reminds me a lot of Claudio Sanchez on the title track. It’s obvious from watching the lyric video that this is anti-war track. Lyrics such as, “When you drop a bomb there’s always fallout, no doubt. You know we belong just where the book of matches finally ignites and in this cloud of ashes, I have lost my mind” leave little room for debate. These lyrics are laced in with images of giant, mushroom cloud explosions and shooting missiles in the video.

All four songs share many similarities. There are hard rock songs that lack the atmospheric gloom and pessimism that’s at times expected in certain branches of the genre. This is that style of rock you’ll find yourself listening to when you don’t want to leave the bar at 2 a.m.

So, here’s the first one, the old stuff, the original. At least that’s what some may label this after another release. I can already imagine talks of how this was the best although it’s not even the first actual album. It’s always good to find new music and bands. But it’s just too early to become invested in the sound.  There’s not enough material here to judge what’s the best. That’s something we can only determine in time.

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