Friction Monster – Tantrum


Take the groovy, dancing guitars of the ’60s and ’70s, then pair that with the sing along ability of Weezer. Next, throw in some more synth and a constant, driving bass line. The end result is what we have found in Friction Monster’s album Tantrum. This is an album that gives you a mix of different styles of songs – no two sound exactly alike. With Friction Monster, you’re constantly engaged to what you’re hearing.

Their songs are long, but here’s how you know they’re good: you won’t get bored. Friction Monster gives us the alt-rock edge, but keeps the catchy pop chorus that you can sing along with even as gets closer to the five minute mark. “Attitude” has the sing along vocals accompanied by spots of sweet gang vocals, but there’s also this constant synth driving in the background that keeps the song moving. Then, with songs like “Prey Mantis,” it’s a little slower, but you still get this kind of surround sound effect from the multiple guitars. Yet again, you’re never bored.

Tantrum is the album you should keep in your car for long road trips. You can roll down the windows and yell along as loudly as you can.

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