Fudakochi – Sound


“Soulternative” is a phrase not heard often in the music world, but thanks to Fudakochi’s latest EP “Sound,” that could change in the future.

In his quest to blend soul and alternative rock, Fudakochi ditches most of the rock angle of his sound in favor or spacey and atmospheric sound. His strongest aspect on all five of “Sound’s” tracks is his voice, but that’s when he uses it. The EP’s opener “Listen” features no vocals in favor of a haunting piano progression throughout to set up the atmosphere of space throughout the EP.

The closer “Fini” is similar, but instead of a piano uses distorted guitars over its three minute run time. At times the guitar sounds like a talk-box or something off a Daft Punk record, but that’s as close as we get to vocals on the song.

“U+me=us (soulternative Vibe)” is a remix of sorts of the original “U+me=us” from his earlier recordings, but this time around there’s more vocal and guitar distortion for the last half of the six minute behemoth. The blend of sci-fi here doesn’t take away from the song, but also doesn’t really add anything either, it’s just sort of….there. It’s not bad, but it feels like it would make more of an impact on its own rather than blended with an earlier release.

The EP’s title track “Sound” features more of the distorted vocals on the last song but comes in at a much slower pace. If Fudakochi wanted to take us on a mission of space exploration, this is the track that does it. With slow beats, deep bass cuts and robo-voices throughout, this is a soulful journey through the cosmos that’s unlike anything else in the genre.

Overall it’s a little disappointing that Fudakochi ditches his best feature, his voice, in favor of distortion, but that doesn’t meant these five tracks aren’t full of funk and soul like his previous efforts.

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