Fudakochi – Sounds From Alternative


Alternative and Soul aren’t exactly two genres that go together in a world where pop merges with hip-hop and blues melds into rock. But Fudakochi has brought the two together on his EP “Sounds From Alternative.”

Hailing from Miami, Fudakochi has been making music for decades and credits himself for creating the phrase “Soulternative.” His style blends soulful singing that you’d find in a speakeasy or jazz club, but you’ll also hear distorted guitars, keyboards and more traditional rock drum patterns.


His song “My Love” is an excellent marriage of the two genres. Fudakochi’s vocals carry the track over barely-there drums and a keyboard that sounds like it’s coming from a dusty amp in your dad’s garage. All these sounds come together in a bridge that doesn’t exactly bring the house down, but it peaks the song’s sound without losing its way. Everything on this track feels like a build up to this crescendo, but it’s over almost as soon as it starts. It doesn’t leave you wanting more or questioning why it was left in the song. No, it’s the cherry on top of a Soulternative sundae.

“U+Me=Us” is a little closer to R&B than Soulternative, but it features more distorted keyboards like on “My Love,” this time over a more produced beat with more kick in the bass. Fudakochi once again proves that his voice can carry a song as it’s front and center leading the charge of keys and bass with accents of saxophone throughout.  Despite sounding more like an R&B track, “U+Me=Us” at its core still sounds like alternative R&B and balances the four track collection of “Sounds from the Soulternative.”


The best example of Soulternative is on “BlackLove,” with its distorted guitar riffs and a bass line that you have to dig to find, this song is a perfect blend of the attitude of alternative music with the heart of soul.

What separates Fudakochi from other soul, and other artists in general, is his voice. On these four tracks he makes his voice the front runner for every song, but not like other singers. These tracks sound like Fudakochi believes in the words that come pouring out of him and the small adjustments he makes between tracks are enough to take note, but never take you out of a song. If he continues this blend of alternative and soul for the future, then Soulternative may very well be the next trendy genre blend.

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